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Small Business Website Solutions

We are an internet service designed to get small businesses onto the web both quickly and more importantly, cost effectively.  We work with small businesses in small business website development and small business website hosting/marketing.

Our service simply includes the following:

∑ A simple, easy to read website
∑ or
∑ Your own email address
∑ Internet marketing
∑ One year of web hosting

Prices start from as little as £115 + VAT

Why does my business need web presence?

Over half of all UK homes now have Internet access according to National Statistics Omnibus Survey, thatís a massive 13.1 million homes. Over 60% of adults in the UK (thatís nearly 30 million people 16 years+) have used the Internet, of which 58% (17.4 million) have used the Internet to buy goods, tickets and other services.


Why should I use you?

For small business, web site design doesn't come cheap, in fact you could easily expect to pay £400 plus for a small, basic web site.  Then you have to look at the cost of marketing on top of that.

Our service is geared toward getting you internet exposure, so the templates we would use for your web site provide the basic design needs to make it pleasing and easy to read/use.  The real work begins once your site is live and on the Net, when we being to market your web site.

All this is included in one easy to swallow price.
So you see, You donít just need a website, you need to increase your exposure and we can help.  Feel free to check out our services, the templates we use and pricing, then why not call us on 01204 529418 to discuss your business needs.


"Need a place on the web?  We can help you do it!"


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